Our Digital Services division came from our team creating My Life at Speed. As the site was launched, our social media channels became our core source of organic growth. We built a top brand by using “best practice” principles which catapulted My Life at Speed to the forefront. As our site gained recognition, people would reach out to want us to develop something similar for their product or brand. Simply put, it worked and we had a happy clientele without telling anybody that we were providing the services behind the scenes. Our team’s expertise lies in social media, web site development and creative strategies. We’re a passionate group of strategic thinkers, developers, designers, content purveyors who are committed to developing the best solution for your brand. Contact us today.


Most clients have an idea of what they require, but what they really need is a team with listening skills. We do just that – listen. Our goal is to offer our clients solutions from outside the box thinking, to create something even better than what was originally imagined. Our team takes pride in coming up with the optimal solution.


Our team is comprised of experts from a variety of disciplines. High level creative types to the analytical thinkers to bring the best solution to our customers. We work closely with our clients to make sure that we put together the perfect team, to execute the perfect digital strategy. From concept to completion, your project is in the right hands working with us.


Outside the box thinking for your digital campaign, social media or web site is what you will experience with our Digital team. Working side by side with our clients, we take pride in understanding the overall vision of what you are trying to achieve. Experts who work on top level campaigns. Let us help engineer the perfect strategy for your brand.


My Life at Speed

Our team has demonstrated success with top brands and companies before starting My Life at Speed. We built our site from the ground up using each of backgrounds to create a best of breed site. Combine that with using social media to fuel our organic growth, you have the perfect storm for success. Our development team, social media team, sales team and content team collaborates on a daily basis creating the best solution for the project at hand. With more than 700,000 page views monthly, 30,000+ unique visitors monthly and a social media reach of millions of impressions has created one of the most respected motorsports lifestyle sites on the web.  Let us help you achieve the same results with your brand.


Our team came a variety of backgrounds that range from: creative agencies, technology companies and content creators. Passionate about developing the optimal strategy to achieve the creative goal, we tend to look “outside the box” for the best solution for our clients. With experience with some of the top brands in the world, we can leverage our experience to provide the best creative solution for your product or brand. Call us today to discuss what you hope to achieve.


There is no ‘cookie cutter’ approach when it comes to design or a creative strategy. It takes a team that knows one on one interaction and listening to what the client is hoping to achieve is key. That’s where My Life at Speed’s Digital Services team comes in. We listen. We respond. We offer feedback. Our team can help develop a phased approach to meet budget constraints and to allow data to drive future direction. Contact us today. One call, one meeting will prove to you that our approach is different and that you are in good hands to reach your goals.



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Greg Tracy

CEO and Co-Founder
As one of the elite Team Hot Wheels drivers, Greg Tracy, captured a Guinness Book of World Record when he performed the Hot Wheels Double Loop Dare at the 2012 X Games. Tracy is also one of the top stuntmen in Hollywood. Greg has been providing stunts for movies and commercials since 1991, with stunts in blockbuster movies such as: Act of Valor, The Avengers, GI Joe, Bourne Ultimatum, Wanted, Talladega Nights and The Fast and Furious. Greg has developed, My Life at Speed, one of the fastest growing lifestyle blogs on the web. A visionary, Greg provides the foundation for the creative strategies for our clients.

Chris Nazarenus

COO and Co-Founder
Before co-founding My Life at Speed, she was the CEO and Founder of Artemis Images, which was one of the largest online motorsports archives in the world. She is an expert in social media, branded content and digital strategies. Here career started by successfully selling, implementing and configuring Digital Asset Management Systems for Fortune 500 companies and some of the largest publishers in the world. As content management specialist, she offered digital consulting services to top brands for their online strategies. She is also quoted in DA Benton’s book, How to Act Like a CEO.

Andy DeVol

VP Sales and New Product Acquisition
Andy is a seasoned sales veteran and is a master at helping to guide the sales process for our store on My Life at Speed. With his experience with top products, he can help our clients advising them on how to reach their market. By listening to what they are selling, how they are currently selling and ultimately, what isn’t working, he works side by side with our digital services staff to create the optimal online selling strategy.

Rick Beets

VP Technical Services
Rick is the glue for our digital technical services staff. He is the guy that can talk “techie” with the coders and developers, but all the while take in real terms so our digital services clients feel they have the support they need. He is also one of our core WordPress developers and has had a hand on all of our My Life at Speed Digital Services clients web sites. Rick is also an avid photographer and one of our contributors.

Marsha Haneiph

VP, Editor and Content Manager
Our own “One Opinionated Woman” has been one of the foundation team members at My Life at Speed. Marsha offers her view of how our character driven stories should be told. With that opinion, Marsha has helped mold My Life at Speed into something more than just a blog. Her commitment and passion runs deep throughout every post. She is a social media expert and works closely with our clients to help advise them on how to gain the reach that she helped to create for My Life at Speed.

Savannah Ivanitski

Social Media, SEO and Contributor
Driven by results and analytics, Savannah Ivanitski is a digital marketing professional. Ivanitski has experience working with large, enterprise sized clients in a variety of different industries including the financial and aerospace industries.

Ivanitski’s account management experience includes media buying and ad planning, digital media analysis, and digital strategy advising pay-per-click accounts, account strategy, search engine optimization strategy and tactics, email marketing, content strategy and creation, andsocial media strategy and execution.

Ivanitski enjoyed creative and professional writing and has previously provided contributions to the Huffington Post and My Life @ Speed.


Offering a wide range of services, My Life at Speed’s Digital Services is your one stop for concept to completion. Our team is comprised of industry experts that specialize in: branding, web development, social media, SEO, CRM database campaigns, and branded content strategies.


Let us help you create the perfect logo for your brand. Our team has developed identity packages for a variety of companies. From logos to packaging, let us create a complete strategy for your brand.


We have demonstrated success with numerous clients building customized web sites. With the ability to help deliver a web site with the visual impact and optimized to attract customers and keep them coming back.


Our team are experts in developing social media strategies that attract fans and get shared. We can help you set up your social strategy or even help manage it for you. Let us develop the optimal results to get results.


Search Engine Optimization is a researched, strategic, analytical approach to deliver page one listings. By analyzing the industry, competitors and your goals, our team can develop a plan to get results.

Photography & Video Production

Our team is also comprised of photographers and video producers. Our digital services team is able to help you create all of the necessary content visuals for your requirement.

Writers & Content Creators

Do you need help articulating your brand or message? The My Life at Speed Digital Services team can help. Writing and stories is part of our service mix. Contact us to help you convey your message.

Special Events

Our team came from many different corporate environments and we specialize in event management as well. Are you opening a store front? Need to host a media event? Contact us to help with your event.

Our Process

  • Define and prioritize goals
  • Define the target market(s)
  • Define steps to achieve goals
  • Execute the plan
  • Evaluate, make adjustments - repeat


  • Listen
  • Give clients control
  • Make it easy
  • Create a relationship
  • Listen and repeat


  • The solution must work
  • The solution must be measurable
  • The solution must meet the objective(s)
  • The solution must continue to evolve
  • The solution must be current




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