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Established in 1985 in Kirkland, Washington, Dumonde Tech racing oils has become one of the world leaders in lubrication development and in sales of high performance lubricants for motorsports and bicycles as well as in green, earth-friendly oil technologies.  A few of Dumonde Tech’s key highlights:

  • Dumonde’s first product was a high temp clutch oil for Road Racing Karts which engaged and disengaged over 900 times per race.
  • Shortly after the clutch oil was developed Dumonde developed engine oils for engines which turned up to 20000 RPM.
  • Dumonde has become one of the world  leaders in lubrication development and sales of high performance lubricates for motorsports, bicycles and  industry.
  • Dumonde is also a world leader, for over 20 years, in green oil (earth friendly) technologies.
  • Dumonde is recognized for its high technical information and continual pushing of the performance envelope.

Eco-friendly products has also been a primary focus for Dumonde Tech for more than 20 years.  All Dumonde Tech Bio-Green Lubricants are developed from plant, vegetable or seed oil, rated as bio-based and earth-friendly.  By demonstrating a commitment to eco-friendly products, engineering the world’s best performing and best protecting lubricants – Dumonde Tech’s products out-perform and competition.

At Dumonde Tech, we continually push the performance envelope–that’s why we are a huge factor of success at some of the world’s most brutal races such as Bonneville, Baja, Pikes Peak, and many more.  Also, we are a major contributor at national and world championships from bicycle to Indy car.  We are proud that we are the leader in MCR (micro compound reactions) research in lubricants.

In fact, our latest development of the PRO X line of Dumonde Tech products have no or low VOC’s and are based on MRCC Micro Resistant Complex Compounds.

MRCC Micro Resistant Complex Compounds have been in development for over 10 years by Dumonde Tech Design Group. MRCC technology provides premium lubrication by reducing friction better than traditional lubricants. The increase in adhesion creates higher film strength.

Primary Benefits:
–  PRO X products have no shipping restrictions, can be sent air or ground.
–  PRO X  has low or no VOC’s, meets California VOC requirements
–  PRO X creates less resistance and watts, longer durations before re-applying

Originally developed for Dumonde Tech’s Motorsports lubrications, MRCC, is incorporated into our revolutionary PRO X  bicycle lubricants.  Everyone who has tested or raced using PRO X, report that its performance is significantly better then any other lube they have ever used.