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Spider Grips feature durable variable density elastomers, patent pending shaped boundry layers with isolated secondary layers, energy dispersing flanges, and a multi-faceted geometric surface area…huh?

Here is all you need to know:
Ride with Spider Grips and you’ll feel less vibration, which in turn means less fatigue. You can give up the death grip hold, so you won’t get arm pump and you’ll be able to ride longer.
Rocket Science

People might tell you that Motorsport Grip Design isn’t really Rocket Science, and they’d be right – it’s more like Applied Physics.

Acoustics to be little more specific.

Acoustics is defined as the generation, transmission and reception of energy in the form of vibrational waves in matter.

(If someone had explained to us that understanding Physics could improve our motorcycle riding, we might have paid closer attention in class!) Vibration travels in waves and your motorcycle handle bars are a great place for these waves to dissipate. If you hold on to the bars when you ride (and you should) then the waves travel from the motor and frame into your hands and arms, and dissipate there.

This is one of the reasons for muscle fatigue or arm pump and why we design our grips to reflect and dampen waves of vibration. (Another cause of arm pump can be that the grip pattern design or compound offers very little traction so you can’t relax your grip).


Gripping facts about compounds
Creating the world’s best Grips is an elaborate process. We use the finest materials available from anywhere in the world, which in this case is Ohio. Then we link the two layers together using a molecular bond. The machine to do this is huge.

You’d be impressed if you saw it.

·  Vibration Damping Core  – This inner layer of material is firmer and has increased durability to reduce the problem of grip twist. Spider engineers have shaped this compound at the boundary layer to reflect and dampen the first waves of vibration.

·  Traction Gel – This second layer of material adds tackiness for better holding power, in a special formula which also sheds mud and water. It works to reflect and dampen secondary vibration that may pass through the first layer.

Together, these two different compounds combine to form the best motorsport grip available.

The Art of Grips

What does ART have to do with grips?

ART (Acoustical Rebound Technology) is a patent pending design. Spider Grip’s boundary layer between the primary and secondary layers is shaped to reflect vibration away from the rider’s hand. This revolutionary new core design is used in all Spider Grips.

We developed it for our SL (Slim Line) to give you maximum vibration dampening in a slimmer grip design. Using this technology, Spider Grips is able to offer Slim Grip riders the same level of comfort available in the original M1 and A3 Spider Grip.

Remember; always check your controls to be sure they are free and correct before every ride, and to seek a professional’s advice on any modification to your machine.
Spider Grips are in compliance with CPSC Standards, and the Consumer Product Safety Act of 2008